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For the glorious occasion of Subbacultcha's 10th anniversary they decided the website needed an update.

Subbacultcha's self-organised events are of course an important part of this, but their editorial team and side-projects also needed a place on the new site. Along with Marina Henao, Subbacultcha's graphic designer who simultaneously also gave their famous pocket–magazine a make–over, the Visual Theatre restructured and designed an up to date digital platform. 

Go check it out at

The editorial and event section each has its own division into categories, such as Music and Art. Depending on the type of page there are also some differences, as you can imagine a music page needs booking options and samples, while an art page needs big images!

Editorial and Events are the main focus, but besides sharing (and caring), there are of course projects initiated by Subbacultcha themselves.

And, where would they be without their members? Sign-up forms are therefore of course also included, with all sorts of options.

Last but not least, some nice little design details can be found in the images below: