Schippers Optiek

A perfect balance between eye care and fashion

identity, website, magazine

Schippers Optiek is a versatile optician who is known in Beuningen and surroundings for their knowledge in the field of eye care, their beautiful collection spectacles and sunglasses and their hospitality.

The three pillars: ‘Optiek (Optician), ‘Optometrie’ (Optometry) and ‘Audicien’ (the audiologist) are clearly visible in the logo while it enters into a visual game with the viewer. The logo can be used in a dynamic way by the various specialists so that it is immediately clear to the customer whether they are dealing with i.e. the optometrist or audiologist.

The visual identity and website fit seamlessly with the store and visa versa: the color red and recognizable house style elements ensure a beautiful interaction while there is room for diversity in communication. Visit the website:


Zicht Op ... Schippers Optieks' very own magazine

“Zicht Op ..." (View On…) gives a look behind the scenes of the store, contains updates on the latest technological developments in the field of eye care and elaborates on unique features and design decisions of the beautiful collection of glasses that you can find in the store. This magazine is distributed in Beuningen and surroundings in an edition of 16,000 copies, enabling us to attract and inform (potential) customers in a personalised way. We are currently working on the 3rd edition!

We are proud of the way Schippers Optiek trusts us. Because of this, we know the philosophy and style of Schippers Optiek well, and have been able to take care of all the visual communication for Schippers Optiek for a number of years now. From the magazine, leaflets and the website to social media and custom-made eyeglass wipes and bags.
Picture below by Ger Loeffen