Lola Lik

Amsterdams most extraordinary social hub

identity & website

LOLA Lik is an incubator space kickstarting in the former Bijlmer Bajes A collective energy of entrepreneurs, social initiatives and artists building together on new found freedom.

LOLA (Stichting Leegstand Oplossers Amsterdam) approached us with the question to help give an identity to their newest space in the Bijlmer Bajes, which was to be used as a brand-new social hub. The Amsterdam slang term "Lik" for a jailhouse, is (coincidentally?) also a term we use in Holland when refurbising something – A 'lick' of paint. Hence we chose the name LOLA Lik.

Additionally, the Favela Painting Foundation had started painting the refugee center next to LOLA Lik, and is a strong cooperation between the two locations has been planned from the start, it seemed only more then logical to unite the two, by aligning the brand-colours used on the outside for the inside!

Of course, everyone adds his or her own touch, in their own way – no "lik" is the same. We chose to add hand-drawn liks to the logo with a rainbow of colours. Not only the impact, but also the identity is therefore dynamic. With all sorts of start-ups and companies, as residents of LOLA Lik, the hub is off to a promising start, with a new lik just around the corner.

The website for LOLA Lik is based on three pointers; its spaces, its events, and most importantly; its people. Without people there is no LOLA Lik. Each section can be accessed from the homepage and focuses on its respective subject. This way, browsing the website & finding your way to a subject is a breeze. Curious to see what's going on? Check it out at