C.o.c.o.i. Publication

The world is a concept created by interpretation

book 210x290mm

The publication on C.o.c.o.i. (the Cabinet of curiosities on interpretation), a project initiated by Emmy during her Master Graphic Design study at AKV St. Joost.

The world is a concept, created by interpretation.
It is full of curiosities waiting to be explored.

In a Cabinet of Curiosities, multiple objects or curiosities are brought together by one person. These curiosities have the opportunity to present themselves while simultaneously entering into dialogue with each other and their spectator: the interpretor.

C.o.c.o.i. is a platform – as well as a playground – in which Emmy – the collector, curator and creator of the cabinet – aims to create a field of possibilities which enables dynamic – open and dialogic – structures to communicate a message. C.o.c.o.i. rediscovers things that are already there by questioning, experimenting with and challenging existing interpretations.