Baitasi Remade 2016

A living incubator for urban renewal

website & coding

First launched as a partner-project during the 2015 edition of the Beijing Design Week, Baitasi Remade is a program of urban renewal, communal engagement, architectural and infastructural upgrading of the Baitasi district. This year, they unveil long-term operations, and position themselves as living incubator – rejuvinating Baitasi's cultural and social ecosystem. You can read more about the Baitasi Remade plans here.

LAVA Beijing's Céline Lamée made the visual identity for the 2016 edition, and asked the Visual Theatre to co-develop the digital environment for the Baitasi Remade programme, sharing all events, exhibitions and background-information online. Of course we couldn't say no to the prospect of such a lively, colourful project.

The result is a bright website available in both English and Chinese, optimalised for all sizes and devices. Each new visit rearranges the colours, so there are always new combinations to be discovered!

Below you'll find an impression of Baitasi Remade 2016, images courtesy of Céline and the LAVA Beijing Team. These pictures show how the visual style is implemented throughout the ditrict, and how the website we developed integrates seamlessly.

Also, many thanks to Charlie Berendsen for writing an amazing colour-library for us to use within the website.